Can Admissions Tell If I lie?

By the question, I presume that you have something inauthentic.

In general, dishonesty will come back to haunt you one way or another. Reality is intricate. Dishonesty twists the reality, and reality will snap back the harder you twist the truth.

Anyway, I am not here to preach philosophy or life lessons.

They don’t need to check. It’s obvious.

As you grow up (the adult brain is more vigilant to lies too due to neurological development) and gain more experience on a specific subject, you will automatically develop the ability to detect lies and discrepancies in things.

That is no different for an experienced college admission officer who has read thousands of applications.

“Then I have nothing to write!”

That is probably bad news for students who do not have “accomplishments.”

The good news is that college admissions are not looking for any particular accomplishments. They look for students with strong drives and motivation to do something with their college campus resources. They also look for evidence if the applicants have already done everything they could within their environmental constraints.

For example, Student A from an affluent high school has 5 on 4 APs while other students from the same school pretty much do the same.

And, we have Student B from a local urban school that doesn’t offer a lot of APs, but she took college-level classes from community college because of her passion for chemistry, but her high school doesn’t have a good chem teacher.

Student B has a better student profile than Student A because Student B will do better in college than Student A.

I used academics because it’s easy to illustrate, but the same idea applies in different areas, such as extra-curricular activities, passion projects, or volunteer opportunities.

Look at your achievements (more like everything you have done in high school) and talk about how you are so driven to learn or pursue something that your environment doesn’t limit you.

Use your application to show actions you took and results from them.

Use the personal statement essay to show your thought processes and stories behind your actions.