What is College and Do We Need Them?

“If I fail my midterm can I still get an A?”

“How do I get admitted to NYU?”

“Is 3.6 GPA good enough to go to UPenn?”

“What extra-curriculum do I need to go to Harvard?”


It’s not that they are not important questions and I understand why you want to know if you are good enough whether it’s in your parents’ eyes or your friend’s eyes.

They means very little for the long run (and you probably already realize that).

It’s way more important to think about why are you struggling with these questions and how come you have not found the answer yet?

Quit Productivity Cult and join Aspiration Troop

Productivity Cult focuses on:

  1. How many hours do I study for this exam? How complete are my study guide and cheetsheet?
  2. How many As do I have? Is my GPA highest among the cult?
  3. How many extra-curriculum activities do I have and how many AP am I taking?

Aspiration Troop focuses on:

  1. What do I need to do to explore, develop and commit to my career aspiration so I can show colleges my conviction to solve a problem in my daily life?
  2. What is my plan after college and how will the college experience elavate my perosnal life and career?
  3. Am I connecting with the right people in my circles? Do they give me inspiration for the future?

What is Student Ownership

Student ownership happens when a student knows what they are learning and has the autonomy and competence to pursue the knowledge and application.

“my teacher doesn’t teach! Going to the classroom is a waste of time.”

I think you are wasting the time yourself. Although it might be intimidating, you have the right to exercise your student right by … asking questions.

So, don’t ever tell me that your teacher doesn’t teach if you are willing to put in the work to learn.